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Ear, this looks fun

Whatever time of day you switch on L!VE TV you know you’re in for fun. With babes on the sofa, babes behind the newsdesk, even babes playing darts on a beach in Lanzarote, this channel’s strictly for folk who look on the bright side of life.

L!VE TV are nothing if not fair. It’s not just the chaps that are getting a look in, now there’s Lunchbox volleyball. Forget men in tights – these guys are in shorts, shiny Lycra at that.

Even the news has its light side with the googly-eyed News Bunny being a permanent fixture, lurking in the background behind the newsreader and making wild gesticulations as she delivers the news.

And never has the weather looked so good as on L!VE TV with blonde Norwegian Eva Bjertnes doing the forecasting dressed as if she’s ready to be whisked off to a ball.

What she’ll be wearing interests many viewers more than whether it will rain – not that you’d know if rain is due with the dialogue in Norwegian.

However, if you really need to know, there are English sub-titles.

Every night promises to be star studded with resident clairvoyants Terry Tarot and Seldiy Bates doing Tarot Card and rune readings for callers. This show generates up to 1,500 calls per night. Another show of the same ilk, Weird Night, deals with paranormal experiences and unexplained happenings from witchcraft to hypnotism and psychic phenomena.

And in The Why Files, psychic Dave Barrett investigates UFO sightings, ghosts and out-of-body experiences.

Terry might be attracting the calls, but the girls are piling up their post.

Striking Helen Gibson presents both shows as well as The Sex Show. With her distinctive flamboyant style, wearing sheer shirts and showing lots of leg, she attracts a great deal of interest.

And Gail McKenna, presenter of Live TV’s daily sports show, is flooded with fan mail too.

Bringing daily coverage of the latest countrywide sports news plus expert analysis from celebrity studio guests, the show is lively and popular.

Channels like L!VE TV make it well worth getting Cabled up.

You can keep trim with the interactive health and diet programme Weigh To Go, and look good and feel great by picking up aromatherapy, massage and beauty hints on Mind And Body. And to round it off, check the latest catwalk collection on The Fashion Show.

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