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Me and my health: Gail McKenna

FORMER Page 3 model Gail McKenna, 30, currently presents sport on Channel 5’s Live & Dangerous and is also co-hosting Brilliant Creatures with Terry Nutkins on CITV on Mondays. The blonde Liverpudlian lives in south London with her husband, restaurateur James Rhodes, two children, James, seven, and two-year-old Jack, and their dog, a cocker spaniel called Scoobie.

How much sleep do you need? “I never get enough sleep because of the baby. I need probably about seven or eight hours to feel good, but I probably get about five or six.”

How do you feel first thing in the morning? “Rough!”

What exercise do you take? “I run a couple of times a week. When I first started running I could do 10 minutes and that was it, but now I can run for 40 minutes. And I also have a bike, so I cycle a lot.”

Are you careful about what you eat? “Yes, I try to be. I have a few weeks of being very good and then have a binge every now and then. I just make sure I don’t eat too much dairy produce – cheese is my thing. I try to cut down on bread and eat loads of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water.”

Are you or have you ever been overweight? “The heaviest I’ve ever been when I’ve not been pregnant is about nine stones. I’m 5ft 5in but I have a small frame. After I had James I lost an enormous amount of weight. But when I had Jack it wasn’t the same at all. I’d put on more than three-and-a-half stones and went up to 11 stones. It took me a long time to lose the excess weight afterwards.”

Do you take vitamin and mineral pills? “It’s another one of my fits and starts. From time to time I take vitamin B and ginseng and a multi-vitamin and it definitely makes a difference. I feel brighter, with more vitality.”

Have you ever been in hospital? “Only to have the kids.”

How often do you consult your doctor? “Not very often. Once a year, maybe.”

Have you had any alternative therapy? “I’ve been to an osteopath a few times, when I put my back out. It’s more my neck than anything. I keep trapping nerves, but I think it’s due to my hectic lifestyle, carrying babies and shopping. You come out feeling two inches taller and half a stone lighter. I want to go for acupuncture as well.”

Do you think you suffer from stress? “Yes. From time to time I will be feeling stressed when there’s nothing to be stressed about. My work might contribute to that. To relieve that stress, I need time on my own. I might go out on my bike away from everyone, or take the dog out.”

Do you look after your skin? “Not very strictly. I use moisturiser and take my make-up off before I go to bed most of the time. And I’ve just bought a new funky eye gel.”

Do you take more care of yourself as the years go by? “Yes, definitely. I have to because if I don’t it will show the next day.”

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