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Time Off: Wet Weekend- Gail’s got real animal magic; TV host Gail McKenna talks about her new show Brilliant Creatures.

CHILDREN’S TV presenter Gail McKenna reckons working with animals has given her some of the most amazing experiences of her life.

The former model from Old Swan is delighted the sixth series of Brilliant Creatures has just begun.

And she reckons co-hosting it with Stephen Mulhern never fails to fascinate her.

“I got to dive with dolphins and,although it was freezing, I didn’t want to ever come out,” says Gail, 34.

“A diver taught me how to hold my hand up for the dolphins to use as a target and these huge creatures would come flying towards you out of the murkiness.”

But she adds: “I wasn’t scared though I was completely overwhelmed and even cried when I got out.”

Gail, who now lives in London with her two sons,has a passion for acting -she’s worked on Brookside – and loves sport.

“I grew up in Liverpool so you have no choice but to know about soccer and sport in general,” she says.

But it’s her presenting career which has seen her flourish.

Gail also co-presents How2 on CiTV and has been on everything from Shooting Stars to Blankety Blank, but it’s the animals with which she is in her element.

Brilliant Creatures encompasses everything that’s amazing in the animal world, demonstrating why each one is so `brilliant’at what it does.

There are top tips for choosing and caring for a pet, tests for the animals themselves and challenges for the presenters.

“I know it sounds cheesy but I just love it,” she says. “I really wish we could do more.”

nBrilliant Creatures: CiTV -Wednesday,4.15pm.

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